Help WantedΒΆ

There are still quite a few things I want to test and document. Contributions are welcome and encouraged!

  • Embed Swagger-UI in our project. See this great tutorial on how to do it!

  • Complete the full suite of {json:api} tests to make sure all the various flavors of PATCH actually work.

  • django-guardian model and object-level permissions.

  • django-signals

  • Kafka-Avro-based SAGA stuff.

  • Create a jsonapi.DefaultRouter that automates the added urlpatterns for relationships and related paths.

  • Jenkins CI/CD setup for local repo.

  • Travis CI/CD setup for github repo.

  • Client app demos (with Jupyter notebook?)

    • conventional Python CLI client (in process; see demo_jsonapi_cli)

    • Single Page App (SPA) demo with angular2-jsonapi